Holiday PROMOTION 2017

The Give Good campaign encouraged goodness throughout the holiday season. All goodness counts, the simple gesture of opening the door for a stranger, recognizing the people who enrich your life, or the generosity of volunteering in the community. We brought the promotion to life using an implied scene of a social gathering and illustrated touches inspired by this yearโ€™s Red Cup, as well as consistent messaging. The campaign was light and bright, as still very much Holiday-forward, but took a more contemporary approach to the Starbucks Holidays of the past. I primarily worked on the in-store experience but the system myself and the team established carried out through all channels of print, media, social and digital to create a cohesive story and message across the brand.

Art Direction: Myself, Joanna Price | Design: Myself, Michael Lortz, Chloe Euzarraga, and Kelsey Cole | Creative Direction: Dena Blevins | Photography: Scott Pitts and Annabelle Breakey | Illustration and Red Cup Design: Jordan Kay Phillip

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Holiday 2017 6 - 1.png
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